Zoharum 2012

marek marchoff mj caroline rider voxfields"Voxfields" is a very interesting and distinctive album by the recently deceased Mark Marchoff. Recorded together with the American artist MJ Caroline Rider, the project is on the one hand very industrial and on the other experimental. It brings to mind the most interesting achievements of industrial bands from the early 1980s as well as the achievements of illbient artists such as Noise Makers Fives.

The basis for the songs were recordings from the environment. Moreover, the recordings were made in the area of the historic place which is Fort Tiden, which includes a complex of military fortifications located on the beaches and wooded areas of nearby New York. Although this fort still remembers the war times of 1812, some of the buildings have been renovated and open to the public, and some of them are active by local artists. The atmosphere of this place is certainly felt on the album "Voxfileds".


Most of the tracks are made of several tracks superimposed on one another, looped or processed in an interesting way, field recordings. These are various blows, crackles, rubbing of steel elements, or sometimes sounds resembling an old rusty swing in the wind. Sometimes the sounds of metal grinding are contrasted with the sound of waves or the wailing of sea birds. Both the quality and the selection of individual sounds are amazing. The final effect of these collages sounds very interesting and gives you incredible listening pleasure. The album "Voxfields", although simple in its concept, is an amazing sonic journey with a unique atmosphere.

At the same time, the brand managed to refer to the classics of industrial, if something like this can be said in the case of this trend at all, and at the same time create a completely new, interesting sound material. I heartily recommend it.