Die Schöne Blume Musik Werk 1995 / 2004

Ładne Kwiatki (Beautiful Flowers) is an early industrial band by Tomasz Twardawa known from Genetic Transmission. It is also a beautiful piece of Polish industrial history. I heard about this project for the first time many years ago on Polish radio. A broadcast featured bands performing at the first editions of the gothic industrial festival in Grodziec, which is now being continued as Castle Party in Bolków. The Ładne Kwiatki band performed at one of these cult early castle festivals. The group played many similar concerts at that time. Two songs from their last performance at "Jazz Club" in Gliwice were added as a bonus to the reviewed album.

The album "TR1 +" released on CDr in 2004 is a re-edition of the original 1995 Nice Flower cassette. The great influence of the activity in the Ładne Kwiatki band on the later work of Genetic Transmission is evidenced by the fact that Tomasz baptized his publishing house with this sign - albeit in German - in which he later published countless Genetic Transmission albums and side projects such as Godzilla or Hated Bruit Kollektiv.

After firing the disc, we are surrounded by a mass of warm industrial sounds. These are interesting-sounding, noisy, improvised structures that musicians created on synthesizers, tapes, and all other instruments and devices from that period that we can only guess. Some songs feature tape dialogues and sounds of an analog drum machine, loops, beats, synthetic sounds prepared by various effects, echoes, etc. Attention is drawn to the amazing sound of the entire album, which is firstly very original and unusual when it comes to industrial music, secondly it has the subtle warmth of tapes and old appliances. There is an aura of mystery and certain anxiety over the music. At the same time, you experience something that has passed forever.

It is a beautiful album, one of my favorites in the works of Tomasz Twardawa. I dream of a re-edition on vinyl or a professionally pressed CD in a beautiful digipack with a new interesting graphic design with a gold-plated font. This album undoubtedly deserves it.





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