This release is an electrifying mix of Asian industrial metal and postIDM. The most interesting thing about this album is that it is linear. Triplets, weird inserts, nonlinearities are missing... Generally there is no psychedelia here, but the power of the sound was obtained. 

There are electronic sounds, compression, vocals, everything is precisely balanced. 

The music is based on the layering of acoustic waves. It is quite aggressive and sounds beautifully metallic. The realization on a professional level is another advantage of this album.

Over-intellectualized. A lot of releases on the market are based on much simpler and more melodic patterns. When I listen to these rhythms and energetic patterns, I wonder why people generate so much, difficult to compose ambient. You can add layers to the appearance of a specific aura. These handfuls of remixes always put the listener in a good mood. The reason is purity and digital sound, well reflecting the aura of its creation.

The main idea here was probably to convey as much energy as possible to the audience. The album is listened to with interest, despite the fact that many sounds already exist on other albums. Good overall sound, energy, interesting punk rock vocals, even pace - the most important attributes of the reviewed release. To all listeners interested in horror movies, new sounds ...

"Technomancy" is "indigestible canvas" for the fanatic of rock and guitar climates. Coming from the land of electronic music, it immediately changes the perception to frivolous.

"Technomancy" "like many other albums promoted on the Internet, contrary to the philosophy of search engines, is a work of discovery, and the websites have few extreme projects, so it is worth getting to know this work.