Caffeine Chamber Recordings 2019

Several months have passed since the release of the interesting EP "Blood Vapor" and Nootropic publishes another material called "Consuming Voltage". This time it is a single, which consists of two five-minute electronic songs.

Nootropic is a one-man project by Dominik Smelt from Seattle. He is also responsible for such projects as Amphetamine Virus, Solid State, MDS or Scriptsec.

The project that I have the pleasure to write about is more dark electronics with a light industrial color. The music of Nootropic has interestingly evolved from a dance mix of IDM and dehumanized techno to the current form. I admit, that new sound of Nootropic suits for me better. One of the reasons for changing the style, as some pages related to the project say, was the change of equipment and techniques of composing and recording.

"Consuming Voltage" is a short single. But even the first song "Consuming Voltage 1" deserves to be reviewed. It is interesting electronics full of psychedelic analog sounds. The basis is a great unconventional rhythm of the machine enriched with low bass humming. We have here both simple, pleasantly played melody parts of the synthesizer as well as a large dose of chaotic sounds accidentally splashing in space, giving this amazing laboratory atmosphere of electronic music.

The next song, although having a similar electronic experimental style, is based on a steady pulsating, slightly more danceable bit.

The freshness of ideas and originality of Nootropic music are noteworthy. The sound of the material is very good, even, spatial. It is deprived of flat computer sound or rude dynamic compression of dynamics. "Consuming Voltage" is interesting, lively and pulsating electronics.

The single perfectly complements the 35-minute "Blood Vapor" EP released in May. The material, like all other Nootropic albums, can be downloaded from bandcamp for free or after paying any fee.